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Women Building Authority is a one-stop resource and community

supporting female entrepreneurs to develop,  market and monetize their online brand.

Our Mission

To give you the confidence, clarity and support to build a bigger brand and business,
so you can make a difference in the world with your work and ideas.

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Connect with like-minded women from around the world and access high-value training from expert speakers. Events include summits,  monthly networking, masterclasses, workshops and weekend retreats. 

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We support entrepreneurs in a number of ways including group coaching on messaging led by Founder, Nkiru Asika; done-for-you services via our Activate program to activate your online brand and lead generation system and digital products in our upcoming online store.

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The Accelerator is our membership designed to put you firmly in the spotlight, support your business with expert and affordable coaching and give you the content to show up more powerfully online.  Join our supportive community of female entrepreneurs ready to get seen, get heard and get paid.

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Why Choose Us

We are an ecosystem created to ensure your success in the digital space.  

We provide all-round support - content, digital products, coaching, workshops, strategy,  and done-for-you services - so you can:

step into your authority
Learn the strategy and tactics to  build your authority brand from newbie to global thought leader.

  We create intentional opportunities for you to grow your audience, leads and contacts, so you can grow your business.


You will find multiple networking opportunities with smart, accomplished and diverse women. Build profitable connections and life-long friendships.


Raise your profile by becoming featured on our platforms - blog, podcast, magazine, book, newsletter, events and more. 


Through our high-impact training and coaching, you will learn how to use online platforms and tools to market and monetize your expertise.


As a member of the ACCELERATOR, your  Membership Card gives you a range of discounts and special rates from local and international brands such as Costco, Hertz and Dell.

Nkiru Asika  - Founder

My why is to empower women to become more vocal, visible and valued, so they can expand the possibilities for themselves and for all women.

I've spent 25+ years in content, media and marketing - as an award-winning personal finance journalist, TV producer (from reality shows to historical documentaries), strategic communications advisor, Founder of a social enterprise that trained more than 1700 entrepreneurs, and most recently, as a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist who has worked with clients around the world. 

I understand the inner and outer struggles women experience in business each and every day. I know what's it like to hide behind your work and not want to put yourself out there. 

But in an increasingly crowded market, you can’t compete on price or even on competence. You need to position yourself strategically and deliberately as a leader in your space. You need to build your brand authority. 

To learn more about me, check out my personal website HERE 

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 "Before attending Nkiru’s Coaching Intensive, I did not have clarity in my message. Confused with all of the benefits I could offer people and the different approaches I could take in explaining them. I was at a standstill in my messaging. I sounded like everyone else, and my true intentions and ambitions for my clients were lost. After I attended Nkiru’s Coaching Intensive, I could verbalize who my ideal client was, their exact pain points, and how my protocol would provide the transformation they needed. Now, I am clearly expressing myself in my copy and attracting my ideal clients.

Dr. Tiffany Smith
Aroma Functional Nutrition Psychiatry, LLC, Las Vegas, N.V.

 "When I first started working with Nkiru, I didn’t really think she was going to be able to teach me anything new. As a full stack marketer with years of experience, I thought I knew all the tricks. Was I ever wrong! Every session we had produced a new takeaway that I was able to immediately implement in my business. She is both a brilliant strategist and the ultimate wingwoman! She will support you in finding the confidence you need, help you identify the hidden gaps in your messaging and shift your mindset to owning your authority with ease." 

Chrys Clay
Founder, ClaySmith Marketing, Asheville, N.C.