Stop Selling Information

Information is a commodity that anyone can find online. Bring your perspective and insight if you want to stand out.

So, that’s a photo of me and my boy Todd Herman chilling at an event in Toronto.

You may have heard of Todd.

Or T. as we call him. Peak performance coach to world-class athletes and megapreneurs.

Creator of the 90 Day Year.

Author of the best-selling Alter Ego Effect.

Ok, ok, he’s not my boy at all.

Dude wouldn’t know me if I walked up and smacked him in the face.

I met him briefly, as one of a lucky few to snag tickets for an event billed as an “intimate fireside chat.” (I don’t get that expression – there is literally never a fire in sight).

But it was certainly intimate (about 50 people) and there was very valuable “chat”.

Todd regaled us with funny, sometimes sad and always thought-provoking stories of how he has used Alter Egos in his own life and working with his A-list clients.

The premise of his book is that taking on an Alter Ego – real or imagined, male or female, dead or alive – that deeply resonates with you, allows you to tap into that character’s qualities and helps you transcend your own limitations.

He shared scientific research about how using tokens (e.g. pebble in the pocket)… items of clothing (Todd wears fake prescription glasses to be his smarter self…as did Dr. Martin Luther King)….smells and sounds can trigger your Alter Ego and take you into the coveted “zone and flow” state.

Alter egos range from superheroes (Todd worked with an Olympic skier whose Alter Ego is Wonder Woman. She went deep… making the bracelets and all…)

to big screen villains (baseball and football legend Bo Jackson’s Alter Ego was Jason from the Friday the 13th movies…thankfully after the games, Jason stayed on the field)…

to animals (as everyone knows, late Kobe Bryant’s was the black mamba and apparently “he could go toe to toe with any biologist in his knowledge of that snake.”)

But the key message is that the power of the Alter Ego…this taking on of another identity…is about transformation.

And that’s point I want to drive home to you.

As you promote your consulting service, coaching program, course, online community, live event…whatever…please remember that your clients want transformation.

Nobody is hiring your services or buying your product for more information.

They have enough information. They can access so many free or nearly free resources online and they too have Google.

If all you’re selling is information…I got news for you bud, you ain’t gonna make it.

People want to be transformed. They want to be a better…stronger…sexier…more able…more motivated…more productive…more successful version of themselves.

Your marketing needs to convince them that your service or product will get them where they want to go. Preferably, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Your copy needs to persuade them that your service or product is their short-cut to the success they seek. Nobody wants to go the long way round.

When you’re promoting your service or coaching program, don’t use it as a platform to simply toot your own horn.

Establishing your authority is not about showing off your knowledge.

You have a PhD? So what.

You apprenticed for six years under the Sensei of strategy? Who gives a toss.

All people care about are results.

Prove your authority by showing how your particular skills, experience and expertise align to deliver the results that your clients are seeking to achieve.

Focus on the results in your marketing copy. Tell stories, use social proof and explain the personal and emotional benefits of what you’re selling.

Nobody’s buying from you to get the world’s greatest compendium of knowledge on your topic.

They don’t want your program to be “comprehensive”.

They want it to change their lives.

Sell the transformation.

Sell the results.

Sell the new life they’ve imagined.

P.S. Go buy the Alter Ego Effect. No, I am not an affiliate. And no, I can’t lend you mine. It’s signed by my boy T.